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About Us

About CUoM

Catholic University of Mbeya (CUoM) is a private University owned by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC). The main premises of the University are at Mwanjelwa Old Forest area (Mafiati Junction) in Mbeya City. The University has other three extensions located at Nzovwe area, Ilemi area, and New Forest area, near to Mbeya Regional Hospital.

During its establishment, CUoM started as a Centre of St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) in Mbeya, known as SAUT Mbeya Centre in 2013. With a cornucopia of successes registered in achieving its programmes and enabling objectives, in July 19 2020, SAUT- Mbeya Centre was upgraded by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) to the level of a University College hereby referred to as Catholic University College of Mbeya (CUCoM).

As the College continued to expand by increasing students’ enrolment, programmes, infrastructure and so meeting TCU requirements, the College was further upgraded to the level of fully-fledged University, be known as Catholic University of Mbeya (CUoM) with effect from 1st January, 2024.

Currently, CUoM has three Faculties offering different programmes in the level of Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate Degree and Postgraduate Diploma. These are; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS); Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), and Faculty of Law (FoL). In future, the University is expecting to launch not only other Undergraduate Degree programmes, but also Postgraduate Degree programmes.

Under each Faculty, the University has qualified, experienced and well committed staff whom, in collaboration with other administrative and supporting staff are dedicated to providing quality services, guided by our well described mission and vision statements which leads us in producing well trained and diligent graduates who are acceptable within and outside the country.


Our Mission

  • We are committed to being a centre of excellence in the provision of high-quality education, research, and public service.

  • Promoting the pursuit and defence of truth with transparency and honesty, and service with competence and dedication.

  • Developing a sense of caring for personal and community property.

  • A holistic development of the person by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability and commitment to generous service and respect to humankind.

Our vision

To remain a university that fosters holistic development of a person and respect for human diginity.

Core Values

  • i. Excellence;
  • ii. Cooperation and partnership;
  • iii. Demand-orientation;
  • iv. Innovation and creativity;
  • v. Moral integrity and willingness to serve;
  • vi. Equal opportunities.